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Monday 30th November

  • 6th/7th Room
    Only closed for one day. Please respect the furniture.
  • CoSup
    Harmonisation of his2, bio2, geo2 exams – REDACTED
    Picture description for L1 oral exam – REDACTED
    Abolish 9 year rule for teachers – REDACTED
    Europarty majority vote for REDACTED…not confirmed. Keep it up Cosup and get them to luxembourg 😉 !
    Projects – talking to teenagers from Syria. Next Cosup here in Luxembourg.
  • Conseil Consultatif
    Gregori and Lucas had a Conseil Consultatif meeting. They talked about France, we are officially on a yellow security alert level. We have police protection in the mornings but they usually leave before school starts.
    Merite jeunesse wants to be more involved with all kinds of stuff.
    6th yr trips: parents not happy with stories from last year about alcohol and drugs.
    Brussels wants to involve the concept of the EU more in the school system.We’ll also be having a drill in school to practice procedures during an attack.
  • 16+
    Leisure is working on it. REDACTED
  • Disco
    This Friday! Make sure to attend, REDACTED. The music is usually also really good :b
  • Website
    Have an opinion on the site by next week when we have a vote on whether to launch it. Clement will advertise it at the class rep meetings (despite it not being done).
    Check out REDACTED
    One thing Marks forgot during the meeting: REDACTED. Marks will talk to IT managers about having email lists for the class reps on school email server.
  • Hoodies
    Need posters advertising logo competition. Deadline after holidays. We have to differentiate between Bac hoodies on posters. Posters for early December.
  • Class rep meetings
    Tomorrow and Wednesday, 11:30, B002. Your presence welcome!

3 thoughts on “Monday 30th November


  • William

    Why is so much redacted?

    • Marks Polakovs

      It’s stuff we can’t talk about publicly for one reason or another. The reasons vary. Sometimes it’s things we’re not allowed to disclose, sometimes it’s stuff we have no reason to disclose, sometimes it’s stuff that was secret back then but isn’t now, sometimes we just want to tease you. (By the way, the reason they’re even there is that PupCom members who are logged in can see the original text, without the REDACTED text.)

      • William

        Will there be any follow-up on the “We’ll also be having a drill in school to practice procedures during an attack.”? I’m actually interested in what I should do.

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