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Meeting Minutes 13/12/17


Only five people came today, so this was a short meeting.
Yesterday there was a meeting with Tilt and:
-They’re making the REDACTED tickets, they’ll be done by this week.
-The VIP will cost REDACTED.
-They’ll take care of vestiaire.
-Tickets will also be sold at the door, and also to people not from school if Tilt is not full.
-There’ll be a ‘Welcoming’ shot.
REDACTED is most probable date, but we need to be sure and tell REDACTED by the end of the week.
-The Parents’ Association haven’t answered the email yet.
-We’ve sold about REDACTED.
Alumni survey:
-Liza will come to each 7th year class by the end of this week, it’s going really well in our school.
The treasures have to separate the hoodie money.


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