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Meeting Minutes 18/12/17


Someone had an idea: one person could bring cake each week.
There’s a meeting on Wednesday with the Parent’s Association.
We’ve sold REDACTED hoodies.
We currently have REDACTED, we’ll have REDACTED once we pay for the hoodies.
Santa Clausen 16+:
-We’ll have a schedule for the leisure committee members, with 30 minute shifts each.
-BacCom doesn’t have any decorations (everything got thrown away), we need to buy new decorations. Some BacCom members took some items with them, and we might have some from our 1-3rd year party. We could also get confetti cannons. We’ll spend REDACTED€.
-Be there at 8:30ish to help.
-The leisure members need badges, so we need to buy some little plastic badge holders.
-We need to check that the person is 16+ with an ID or school card when selling, and tell them to bring actual IDS to get in.
-We’ll get a photographer.
On the REDACTEDth of REDACTED we have LuxFactor (we need to decide the hosts and judges), and on the REDACTEDth we have REDACTED.


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