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Meeting Minutes 14/3/18


We don’t have any news about the hoodies (Silke isn’t here). We need to count them to make sure that they are all there, Marks has a list we can use.

There’s a Conseil d’Education meeting tomorrow, we need to send our questions today. If you have any, put them in the comments of the FB group.

Katarina talked to the newspaper. REDACTED Vidar will be invited to the next meeting so that we can talk to him.

Paddy’s Night 16+:
-Be there at 10, sober.
-We need to make the shifts and see who’s coming to help out.
-There were complaints about the price, but it’s freebeer so it is justified.

There was a meeting with the inspectors, we talked about ‘stuff’ (like the school environment, what could be improved).

-The event is up on FB
-Tickets sales start next week, first two days are 7th year only
-Sales will be done by Liza and Marks and the treasurers, we’ll need to make a list of everyone that’s coming


-The date is the 13th of April
-We’ll sell food at the interval
-Our poster program isn’t working, but we’ll get them up
-Sara is organising the roles


EVERYONE has to be there next Monday, the 19th. If you are not there, Kata will hunt. you. down.


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