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Meeting Minutes 18/4/18


LuxFactor was lit, everything went smoothly and well. We need to take care of the leftover drinks at some point.

-We’ll post that the deadline to collect them is this Friday


The football tournament:
-We can make a last post to tell people to sign up ASAP
-The inscription is until Friday
-We have about REDACTED, there’s no real limit to the amount of teams
-We’ll need a meeting next week with Lux 2 and Diego
-We’ll have a photographer

-Non-leisures that are coming:
Kadri Riikoja
Eskil Välilä
Guillermo/William Shaw
Guoda Bubnyte
Anton Agassi
Arnau Roca
Sara Rubio Hermosa
Silke Janssens
-Non-leisures will run around town giving out tickets to transports from each school
-Diego will be the photographer
-There’s a meeting today with Melusina, Katarina will tell us how it went
-We might have gone a little overboard with decorations, it’s okay though
-School cards aren’t enough, an actual ID is necessary (we have to remind everyone on the fb event)
-We’ll still sell until Friday
-We’ll distribute starting tomorrow, non-leisures only get normal tickets

We have a canteen meeting on Wednesday the 25th, NEXT WEEK. We also have a Conseil d’Education on the 3rd of May and a Conseil Consultatif on the 31st.


We need a car for tomorrow, Antonio or Arnau, are you free?

The next meeting is on Monday the 23rd.


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