Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 4/10/18

Our first real meeting!

The three golden rules:

We do not speak about PC projects in development outside of the PC

Try to keep attendance as high as possible

Listen while others are talking and participate


A cakesale has been planned for Friday 19th


Monica, Julia, Nora, Erik, Elise, Diane, Sev, Alix, Augustin and Anil will be bringing cakes

The PC team will have their picture taken on Wednesday 17th (Be there)

Thursday 18th Meeting Educatif, Elise will go

Monday 22nd Canteen Meeting

Talks about expanding our clothing line. Popular suggestions were:REDACTED

In addition to raising more money, these items would also promote the PC

Started talking about the disco. Possibly a prom for the S5 and older?




Issues have been raised about the following things:

Wifi login not working; We will have to talk to IT and try to fix it

-The new phone rules;

    Most students consider the canteen phone ban to be useless and inefficient

    We will be bringing this up when meeting with school management.

-Librarian won’t let you take books home;

   Some kind of system could be put in place, this will also be mentioned


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