Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 22/10/19

The meeting on the 16th with the Lux 2 team went really well!

The PC photo will be taken on Thursday at 13:00 outside B-block where the photographer was.
Bring an item that matched your role for the funny photo, e.g. treasurers bring calculators.


Deadline for the hoodie designs: 28th October


1st-3rd year disco:

– 550 students will probably attend
– Mr. Reinhardt agreed to let us leave early on the day.
– Neon theme so we have to buy bright decorations for the room before the canteen
– We will get glow in the dark paint for some people’s faces.
– Canteen is booked but we’re waiting for the confirmation
– We will sell tickets 2 weeks after the holidays.
– Still have to find an ambulance
– The wristband will be ordered soon

16+ party:



– Cosup reps suggested Mclub but the other school disagreed. They want a different type of party in Luxembourg.
– We are asking the prices of Soho, Zulu and Boos beach club.


Conseil d’Education:
Topics discussed:
– Providing mental health checkups for the students
– Prebac dates
– Replacing the cross country run with a sports day like in the primary

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