Meeting Minutes 15/02/2016

16+/Disco/Europarty: Ticket sales tomorrow (Europarty Wenesday). Paint choice (powder, non-powder) in the next few days.

PCTV - If you haven’t already, please watch the first episode below. Points:

  • Must ask REDACTED about hearts
  • Audio levels too low, especially in Vassilacou segment (will fix)
  • REDACTED will be cut
  • In future, Josh, please move less and don’t have your phone out, it is very distracting.
  • REDACTED. Currently in limbo, discussions will be had. REDACTED is against it, primarily because they are too long (something which can be fixed). Maybe one long vid at the end of the year?
  • Other things such as the news scroller and some awkward editing will be fixed for the next release candidate.



  • Salle des Fetes “provisionally” booked for 15/04 (still need Vassilacou’s approval, although shouldn’t be difficult, since REDACTED). Poster needed.

Speaking of posters, please print them on A3 in the future. Just an aside.


  • 9 year rule: we REDACTED, however we’re told it is not possible and teachers must leave for three years after their nine. Suboptimal for a number of reasons, keep fighting girls!
  • Inspections will be improved, perhaps with students being asked stuff while the teacher is not in the room…?
  • 5th year stuff: more harmonised.
  • Board of Governors’ REDACTED

Student exchanges: Nobody really knows they are possible, and the schools don’t advertise them REDACTED. We will advertise them ourselves, because it is such an excellent experience (Facebook, posters, website?).

Bac handbook: see REDACTED, comment ideas, we can really help make it better.