Meeting Minutes 04/04/2016


  • Not REDACTED, but generally was fine. REDACTED.


  • REDACTED. Share the event! Not many REDACTED. Invite people from outside school, too, please!


  • While the designs have been chosen and some final changes are made, ordering will start very soon.
  • Some would like REDACTED, too. Thom, Elisa and Clément are responsible for this particular project so for details or questions ask them.

Conseil d’Ed:

  • Late slip proposition was rejected. REDACTED
  • Talking about drugs, getting serious about this REDACTED
  • Anti smoking campaigns, anti alcohol campaign being pushed. Should campaigns in L1 for more deep conversations? Effectiveness to be boosted.
  • Bac committee presented their year project. Bac Party before bacs asked to be shifted before holidays, should be possible. PC should be present and willing to help out.
  • Exam Complaints: No high heels, no mobile phones for teachers.
  • Child protection: Giving information about child protection.


  • May 4th originally planned at REDACTED, but not possible due to REDACTED. Friday the 13th can’t be at REDACTED, but possibly REDACTED or REDACTED. Leisure will ask for availabilities. Other dates still to be discussed, but it will be tight.

Electoral Board Meeting: May 2nd. 4 of you will be in the board. Prepare your 2 minute talk!


Class Rep Meeting: THIS WEEK!

(Wednesday 11:10-12:15 in B-002 for years 1/2/3 and Thursday 11:10-12:15 in B-002 for years 4/5/6/7).

It can’t be Tuesday because there is a conference in the salle des fêtes with a minister…