Meeting Minutes 09/05/2016

Our final meeting, my final notes.

  • Opinions about the year
  • Max: REDACTED Apart from that, good.
  • Willem: was very happy with REDACTED.
  • Lucas: very emotional, he too is happy.
  • Gabija: she had a lot of work redacted[/redacted], but is happy, too.
  • Elisa: PC has achieved a lot compared to last year.
  • Lucilla: Loved the PC, loved her Cosup, REDACTED
  • Gregori: Loved the party, nice leisure committee, Clément a nice president (bit of a dictator ????????????) other schools jealous of our structure.
  • Ana Rita: loved the meetings, REDACTED kept it spicy, only ups and no downs.
  • Josh: happy because of vegan pizza.
  • Marks: PC responsible for making him REDACTED = good experience
  • Victoria: can’t compare it to anything, Frankfurt only got a committee a month ago, so lots of respect for our structure.
  • Francesca: emotional, glad she did it again, presidency deserves congrats
  • Julia: happy & positive
  • Thom: some REDACTED
  • Leonardo: leisure is hard work Emily: one of the best school experiences
  • Angela: REDACTED in PC sometimes, but a great finish
  • Amir: was happy
  • Michael: canteen committee REDACTED but dinners great
  • Clément: In general very pleased due to available REDACTED, REDACTED a little too much, but happy.

  • 16+ REDACTED

  • BBQ Marx barbecue, REDACTED - but feedback is excellent!

  • Conseil D’Ed REDACTED has proposed REDACTED, comparible to REDACTED, up to REDACTED…for the future. Anti drugs campaign in full swing Photocopy money next year: REDACTED New teachers: 23 are leaving, many to Differdange, hard for English teachers, REDACTED

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is all. From your humble secretary, Josh, his final words. Over and out ❤