Meeting Minutes 20/03/2017

  • 16+ Good. Next year not in Clausen, because they won’t make it private (because if they can open it to the public, they can make more money). Look for smaller clubs, because they’ll let us have it be private.
  • Luxfactor 400 tickets. Selling next week. Maybe selling in shifts, to be discussed. Will sell in front of 6th/7th year room, as well as in D block. Posters should be made this week, so they can go up right away. Tickets should be acquired sometime this week. People will get vote tokens at the door. 9 applications at the time of writing. Judges: REDACTED Hosts: You’ll be in charge of announcements (turn off phones, fire escapes, schedule, food, etc.). Don’t script it too much tho, some improv jokes are nice. Don’t be too nice. Convince your classmates to do stupid things!
  • Hoodies Last year REDACTED. Apparently school doesn’t do online payments, and parents association has no credit card. School will (hopefully) transfer to CoSup, and they’ll pay from their account (hopefully that will work). Next year prez: REDACTED We could buy them in Luxembourg, but here it’s twice as expensive.
  • Fête Parents’ Association people couldn’t come today. In general: help out!
  • 7th years: for yearbooks, don’t use the bank account on the paper that you got, use the account you were emailed. If you already paid, talk to Mr Martin. (Not a pupcom thing, just in general.)
  • Mrs. Vassilacou leaving Teachers will make a book for her with messages. She liked REDACTED, maybe someone can do it again? REDACTED
  • First aid courses Waiting on Mr. Lufi
  • Photo Wednesday 11:10 (meet where we took it at beginning of year)