Meeting Minutes 09/04/2018

All the hoodies are finally done and we already have the posters, we’ll start giving them out on Wednesday. Marks should be there each time, and we’ll hand them out from our room in A block.


  • Tomorrow we’ll start selling tokens that can be exchanged for LuxFactor tickets in D block for 3€, we have to remind everyone to give us the names of people from outside the school that want to come
  • We have REDACTED acts so far
  • We need a treasurer at the door to sell tickets
  • We’ll sell cakes and drinks during the interval
  • We’ll need some posters
  • Marks, can you confirm the date for meeting with the guards and JCH?
  • On Friday afternoon the hosts and judges can practice with the rest of the contestants
  • We need to figure out who’s going to have what microphones

From this Thursday to next Thursday we’ll be collecting money for the football tournament in B block, we’ll need posters about it.


Cosupians, when you get the documents, please post them on the group.


We’ll have a class rep meeting next week for the 1-3rd years on the 19th and for the 4-7th years on the 20th.


Our next meeting will be on the Wednesday, the 18th of April.