Meeting Minutes 23/04/2018

Upcoming meetings:

  • Conseil d’Education is on the 3rd of May
  • Conseil Consultatif is on the 31st of May
  • Canteen Committee is now on the 7th of May Can you guys figure out who’s going when?

We’ll have class rep meetings at the end of this week, on the 26th and 27th.

So we did Euronight. It went really well, there was only one ambulance, which is great. The set list and transport arrivals weren’t very organised, some people were smoking, small issues like that. The photo booth was really good.


We’ll make a Facebook post so that people that have issues with their hoodies can contact us.

The Parent’s Association is having an open mic event at the Fête, we’re taking care of the sign up sheets REDACTED



Our next meeting is on Wednesday the 2nd of May.