Meeting minutes 03/12/2020

  • Record hoodie sales: Around 500
  • Mask sales: Around 500
  • Hoodie orders for PC Members


  • Discussions about having swimming in sport
    • General feelings that students don’t feel safe
    • Start a petition to complain about having swimming?
    • A teacher (REDACTED) forced students to take their mask off during sport
  • Discussions about having one week in quarantine after Christmas holidays
    • Brought forward by management and parents
    • Students against this proposal
    • We will send an email to the administration stating that we would like to be involved in these sort of decision
  • Elections for PR rep
    • Submission during Christmas holidays
    • Voting during the first week back
  • Clash Royale tournament successful
    • Henri’s website was of great help
    • Plans to potentially have a similar tournament in the future!