Meeting minutes 29/11/2021

Hey guys, in today’s meeting we focused a lot of leisure and events that we are planning for you. The disco for the S1-S3’s was a great success and now are excited to announce some others events that are happening very soon.

16+ party

  • We are excited to announce that a contract has been signed with big beer company and it will be on the REDACTED from 23h (possibly 22h30) to 3h. The tickets will be REDACTED. More details will be revealed in due time.

S4-S5 event

  • We are hoping to organize an event for you guys as well, for now we are thinking of doing in REDACTED.

Purple day

  • On friday 3rd of December, it is international day for people with disabilities. With respect to that, we would like to invite everyone to wear purple

    • We will be giving out purple masks at the entrance of the school
    • There will also be a bake sale
    • A canvas will also be set out so you guys can help the school be more inclusive

Sprit days

  • We are also planning more spirit days for you guys to enjoy, like REDACTED and REDACTED.


  • We are also working on PCTV:
  • For now, we have figured out what segments we want to do such as REDACTED