Meeting minutes 25/04/2022

Hey guys, in today’s meeting we discussed the following topics: the meeting with Mrs Coppola, the electoral board elections, the advisory council, the teacher awards and the REDACTED

Meeting for the cross country and sport events (with Mrs Coppola)

  • These were our suggestions

    • make it a class only event
    • make another event - sports day
    • change how much running effects our grades
  • Sports tournaments coming

    • S1-S3 - dodgeball and football tournament at the end of the year
    • S5-S6 tournament - 13th of may

Electoral board elections on may 10th

  • these elections are for next year’s PC so they can organize the general elections and help out the new PC
  • there will be 4 members chosen this year
  • the candidates for this is year are: Georg, Filippa, Sophie, Fay, Michaela, Helena, Alex, Nella and Berta

Advisory council

  • we will be becoming a fair trade school
  • for t permission will not be changed
  • self defense lessons in gym?

Teacher awards