Meeting minutes 20/11/2023

16+ Nightmare Before Christmas Recap:

  • Thank you to all staff and helpers!
  • Great turnout
  • Feedback from students and PC members

S1-S3 Christmas Disco:

  • Enthusiastic ticket sales
  • Ticket sale organization for the rest of the week (two lines, outside)
  • DJ (equipment to be rented)
  • PC staff gathered - schedule and setting up
  • Student helpers to assist at disco - thank you!


  • Voting site open
  • Voting site closes on Saturday 25th and to be worked out on Monday
  • Merch sale date plan


  • Applications closed
  • First meeting this week - ideas and plan


  • WG meeting Sunday 12th November recap - Ella S.
  • Content and sections have been outlined
  • Recording plan and schedules

PR Meeting & Environmental Meeting Recaps

  • Ideas and future content/events