Meeting minutes 06/05/2024

In this weeks meeting the first thing we talked about was the lux factor that we had this weekend and how it went. We thought it went well and we have gotten some good feedback from some of you students. We know there was a problem with the sound and we are very sorry for the people who wanted to watch the stream. The second thing that came up was the JPC, which is the junior pupils committee, meeting that we will have this week and the week after the holiday. We also have some news about the canteen, but I’m not sure how much I can say so just be on the lookout for an announcement. The luxo night that is happening on Friday was brought up and we hope all students over 16 are going because we have everything prepared and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. We also had a discussion about the teacher awards that will happen in the next coupe of weeks. We talked about the categories and the organization of it. We have also been working on a feedback form for the teachers that you students can send in at the end of the year to give feedback to the teachers. Lastly we talked about the basketball tournament finals. on Wednesday and they will take place P8-P9 so go if you have a free. Thats all for now!