Meeting minutes 19/12/2022

Hey everyone, on 19/12/2022 we discussed the following topics: S5 guidance council Merch sale statistics Cozy Christmas event prices Second-hand sale Luxfactor planning Festival of arts and music link in the environmental art activity Painting on wall project Well-being week group meetings Co-rep meeting Extra-curricular activity “week” Librarian The school guards Homework policy Mini PC how will it work? participants (class reps maybe)

Meeting minutes 28/11/2022

Hey everyone, on 28/11/2022 we discussed the following topics: S1 - S3 disco feedback: bad DJs ticket sale review School merch website Second-hand sale Feminine hygiene products pads are more popular than tampons Sodexo discussion canteen food problems vegan/vegetarian meals survey snacks variety different size portions in discussion student devices in the canteen Extra curricular week update on promotions Cosup meeting CAAP voluntary work program

Meeting minutes 21/11/2022

Hey everyone, on 21/11/2022 we discussed the following topics: PC merch S1 - S3 ticket sales\ \ very crowded\ selling outside for more space Blue spirit day feedback S1 - S3\ security checks\ Second-hand sale\ after school\ in the school gym Sports tournament website

Meeting minutes 14/11/2022

Hey everyone, on 14/11/2022 we discussed the following topics: Menstrual hygiene products excessive amount of tampons more pads needed Second-hand sale not during school hours instagram poll to decide the time (after school or the weekend) possible charity medium size event promotions Librarian complaints LGBTQ+ meeting successful meeting Extracurricular awareness meeting promotion of sports/clubs social media posts Well being week Meeting with parents association Cosup meeting 27th suggestions S1 - S3 photo booth snacks School...

Meeting minutes 07/11/2022

Hey everyone, on 07/11/2022 we discussed the following topics: School merch\ school design winners\ \ selling merch as soon as possible Luxembourgish cosup meeting on the 17th November Environmental activities

Meeting minutes 24/10/2022

Hey everyone, on 24/10/2022 we discussed the following topics: Halloween party feedback upstairs DJ was cool shots tokens were not used correctly guards were good at their job ID needs to be checked better Orientation well performed great feedback Halloween spirit day competition for S1-S5? Advisory council primary school info volleyball pitch is getting new net School cards after holiday School roof construction ends 2024 First aid/self defense course in discussion Feminine hygiene products Positive...

Meeting minutes 17/10/2022

Hey guys, your old secretary took over the minutes for this meeting and this is what we discussed today: Mini pc for them - discussing meeting with s1 and s2 class reps every three weeks regular meetings with no roles anyone who wants to be active elect during the class rep meeting sign up for all students not only class reps group a, group b for the lunch periods Varese breast cancer awareness day 21st...

Meeting minutes 10/10/2022

Hey everyone, on 10/10/2022 we discussed the following topics: Cosup meeting: looking for pr members 13 stars newspaper euroschool magazine project additional support for Ukrainian students possible swals like system for Ukrainians looking for Ukrainian teachers new syllabuses (for maths physics…) underpaid/understaffed bac members post school career monitoring possible reformation of the bac possible ICT 4 period course moral could be changed into an optional subject possible 2 period “general science” course instead of bio...

Meeting minutes 05/10/2022

Hey everyone, on 05/10/2022 we discussed the following topics: \ 1. Administrative council - short summary: S6 trips will take place Well-Being Council proposal received positive feedback System level measures to react to lack of teachers are being taken (protected posts of native speakers in German and English sections) \ 2. Old school merch: donating profit of old school merch sale to charity (specific organisation to be determined) sale starting next week \ 3. This...

Meeting minutes 25/04/2022

Hey guys, in today’s meeting we discussed the following topics: the meeting with Mrs Coppola, the electoral board elections, the advisory council, the teacher awards and the Meeting for the cross country and sport events (with Mrs Coppola) These were our suggestions make it a class only event make another event - sports day change how much running effects our grades Sports tournaments coming S1-S3 - dodgeball and football tournament at the end of the...