Meeting minutes 18/10/2021

Vandalism - Interview with cleaning staff? Event ideas: Educational council

Meeting minutes 11/10/2021

Ideas for leisure room - Sofas - Tennis table? - Better tables? - Plants? Educational council (12.10) - More sex education - Better S5-S6 room - Get rid of the cross country or at least move it to better time of year - exchange it for sports day - Reduce workload - organize teachers - Give more information about the BACs - career day with more info on universities and different work fields Merch -...

Meeting minutes 05/10/2021

Discussion on merch: - Hoodies from last year are going to be sold for 15 euros - Masks will be 3 euros (per mask) - Both will be sold this week, thursday 7th and friday 8th during the 20 minute break (11:10 - 11:30) - New merch: - Hoodies - Tote bags? Competition for hoodie design, deadline 24th of October to submit and deadline for voting 31th of October Events: - Club wall project -...

Meeting minutes 19/05/2021

• Elections for the electoral board Candidates: Anil, Georg, Henri, Jason, Paula, Leo Electoral board: Anil, Leo, Paula and Jason • Change rules from 16 years old to run as (vice) president or cosup to 15 • Anyone running for president cannot chair meetings •Luxfactor sell tickets during break -trailer for luxfactor

Meeting minutes 06/05/2021

Pre-elections video • schedule filming throughout a week Electoral board (4 people) Meeting without S7 next week

Meeting minutes 19/04/2021

Clash Royale tournament This Friday Announce tonight Prize: 100€ Canteen meeting Ask about microwave Interview with albericci CoSup Changes in pc positions next year 3 PR’s and eliminate the poster designer Go back to 2 secretaries Remove executive advisor position Eco Rep

Meeting minutes 25/03/2021

Presidency meeting with Directors summary We will have more regular meetings with the directors Directors asked for help decreasing amount of smokers outside school Conseil reps had a meeting with Mr Alberici and Mr Coll regarding the dangers of having swimming during a global pandemic Management are “really trying” to give all students the opportunity to swim Coll said he would go to a few swimming lessons to check and make sure it is safe...

Meeting minutes 01/03/2021

• First day distributing masks was 01/03/2021 • Meeting to establish the distribution of masks in primary 02/03/2021 • Swimming petition (poll on instagram, bring up at meeting with management, propose an alternative like walking, badminton, climbing…) • Most people are against a week of online learning 2 weeks before the geo and history prebac

Meeting minutes 04/02/2021

Canteen Meeting recap - no microwave because of budget constraints Admin Board Summary: Psychologists available at all times for emergencies Well-being Workgroup exists “Care Team” with teachers will be created We should do a video introducing psychologists and teachers in the well being group Sustainability: Fountains to refill bottles More coordination with eco reps (one pc member should be in charge of coordination with eco group) Meetings with Zoé and Elise Canteen: “Meatless Monday” instead...

Meeting minutes 06/01/2021

Business is booming in the PC headquarters: 534 hoodies sold 651 masks sold - All profits from masks will go to ASF New PR position elections going on - 3 candidates Admin board coming up: Gender neutral bathrooms to be discussed? Mental Health: Yearly “Mental Health Day” in AIDS Day style Ensure the adequacy of school psychologists at the Admin Board Ensure that students are aware of the presence of the school psychologists Suggest that...