Meeting minutes 08/04/2024

In this weeks meeting we talked about the leftover merch that will be sold on the website for people who still want merch but missed the opportunity and probably during the second hand sale. we also talked about luxfactor which is going to be on May 3rd and if you guys have a talent you should definitely join. we also talked a bit about euronight and how many tickets have been reserved etc. then we...

Meeting minutes 18/03/2024

Here are the notes from this Monday’s meeting, so first of all we talked about the merch and how we have an excess of 30 pieces and the people who haven’t picked their merch up have been contacted. We also talked about the basketball tournament and what the prices will be, which dates it will be, how we need a website etc. then we talked about the egg hunt and the handing out of eggs...

Meeting minutes 11/03/2024

Hello, on this Monday’s meeting we talked about some different stuff. Firstly we talked about some events the cosup has told us to do for example an environmental activity which will happen after the holiday and a spirit day. We’ve also posted a story about the euro night tickets that now are available to buy. We also talked about doing something next week since it’s easter but it’s a surprise sp you’ll hear more about...

Meeting minutes 04/03/2024

Hey everyone, at this meeting we talked about the next cosup meeting, how we will give out the merch to primary, our PCTV video, some sport events that may happen in the future, the luxfactor, a possible second-hand sale and how we thought the prom went. Thats all from this meeting

Meeting minutes 19/02/2024

Hey guys, sorry for late post. On the meeting on Monday the 19/02/2024 we talked about the prom, S1-S3 disco, what we thought of the valentines week, the well-being week, the luxfactor, the class rep meetings we had during the week and how we will distribute the merch. Thats all from this meeting.

Meeting minutes 05/02/2024

Hey everyone, in todays meeting we talked about: the admin board and what was brought up, a cosup meeting recap about all that was said, valentines week which is this week. We talked about the S4-S5 event coming up, S1-S3 disco, the luxfactor, well-being week and the arrival of the merch. That’s all from today!

Meeting minutes 29/01/2024

Hey guys, todays meeting was a short one but we talked about: The Valentine week and what events and activities there will be. We talked about the well-being week, Luxfactor, a S4-S5 event, S1-S3 event and the admin board meeting. Thats all for now

Meeting minutes 22/01/2024

Hey guys, on the meeting on the 22nd of January we talked about: The arrival of merch and selling of merch. What activities and events will happen at the valentines week. The well-being week and what we are doing on it. The luxfactor, S4-S5 event, a possible S1-S3 event, a secret event but you will hear more about that in the future. Thats all for this week, see ya!

Meeting minutes 15/01/2024

This is what we talked about on the 15th of January: We discussed the overprised schoolbooks and how we could solve it. We discussed how we will hand out the merch when it arrives. We talked a little bit about the refilling of menstrual boxes and what the most efficient way to refill them would be. We talked about what we wan’t to take up in the upcoming admin meeting and what they talked about...

Meeting minutes 08/01/2024

Today we discussed: The Merch and when it will arrive and how we will hand it out. We also discussed Valentine’s week and which events there will be. We also discussed the S4- S5 event but more info will arrive on that shortly. We talked about upcoming sport events, Lux factor, a movie night, the refilling of menstrual boxes, the well-being week and we had a long discussion about the euro night. Thats all for...