All good things…

Dear students,

The baccalaureate exams for the 7th years are starting tomorrow and the Pupils’ Committee will therefore cease its normal work. If you have any issues, problems or questions that arise before the end of the year, you can still contact us until the 2nd of July 2016.

This year was full of successful projects and with an unprecedented number of events (a talent show, a 4th & 5th year bbq, 2 discos and 5 16+ parties)

We wish you a smooth end of year, with luck for those who have exams and we hope you will all enjoy your summer holidays.

It has been a pleasure to defend your interests,

The Pupils’ Committee ESL1

Next year, the students who will organise the elections (the electoral board) are: Marks Polakovs, Leonardo Gazzola, Michael Agassi and Max Vigor.