Hoodie Collection

The last day for hoodie collection is Friday the 14th of February 2020.

This year’s hoodie sale has been extremely successful, with almost 500 hoodies sold, more than ever before. However, this has meant that it has been logistically quite complicated. We started giving out the hoodies last week, on the 3rd of February, and all students have until the 14th to pick up the hoodies they ordered before the winter holidays, at room A107b from 11:10 to 11:25. However, if there is a climate demonstration, for example, this might mean that we would not be able to give out the hoodies on Friday and the dealine would then be moved to Thursday. If you cannot come by then, please contact us on social media urgently.

See you there!

Edit 12/2/20: the demonstration will almost certainly take place on Friday so make sure you pick up any hoodies on Thursday or message us urgently (Friday the 14th at the very latest) if you can’t make it