The Pupils’ Voice Edition 25

Dear students, dear teachers, dear parents,

The newspaper can be found here.

The Pupils’ Voice is proud to present to you edition 25 of our newspaper, the last edition of this school year. Unfortunately we must one again release it as an online version due to the extension of the quarantine, however we will be back next year with our usual printed format!

We’d also like to take the opportunity to inform you all that all of our profits from this year will be donated to a charity / an organisation which focuses on helping the environment in one way or another! This year we have taken many strides to make our newspaper as eco friendly as possible, and we believe that now it is our turn to give back to the environment by donating money to those who have dedicated their lives to this cause.

Due to the fact that we were unable to print the last two editions of the newspaper, the money which was kindly donated to us by various institutions remains unused and thus amounts our total profit to over 1000€. This is a large amount of money, and we want our readers to help us decide where it should be donated. In the coming days there will be a poll on our instagram (@thepupilsvoice) with many different options (e.g. helping to plant trees, or clean the ocean, or something else) which you can vote between. Make sure to follow us and keep an eye out for it, as it will be your chance to express your opinion concerning where this money goes! We hope you enjoy this edition and we’ll see you again next year!

All the best,

The Pupils’ Voice team