2021 LuxFactor FAQ

What is LuxFactor?

It’s an annual school talent show organised by the Pupils’ Committee. This will be the ninth edition.

When is LuxFactor?

LuxFactor will take place on Friday, the 21st of May, starting at 18:30

Where is LuxFactor?

It takes place in the Salle des Fetes, but it will also be livestreamed on YouTube

How is LuxFactor taking place despite the pandemic?

We have prepared a health concept for LuxFactor that is fully in line with both coronavirus regulations, as well as health recommendations. Restrictions are in place, and this edition will of course be different to regular editions.

But are we sure LuxFactor will happen?

Not entirely. Depending on the decisions of the Luxembourgish government, and the evolution of the coronavirus situation, it is possible that LuxFactor will have to be postponed or, in a worst case scenario, cancelled.

How does the process to participate work?

Head over to https://pcesl.cf/luxfactor to sign up. We will then ask you at a later time to send us an audition for your act. The best auditions will take part in the actual show, and then the audience will vote for their favourite acts.

What can I win?

If you come first, you will receive 400 euros, second gets 200 euros and third gets 100 euros.

Can I watch LuxFactor live?

You can either watch it live as an audience member or on YouTube.

Pre-booking for the tickets (which will cost 7€ each) will start on Thursday, the 13th of May at 18:00. They will be distributed on a first come first served basis, so make sure to book quickly after the booking starts.

Alternatively, you can also watch it on YouTube for free!

I’m from the ESL2, can I participate?

Unfortunately, it is only possible for students from ESL1 to participate this year. Hopefully next year we can have a show with both schools again.

What’s the situation with S7s?

Unfortunately, to protect the BAC, no S7s will be allowed in the venue (we apologize, we’re as disappointed about this as you are). If you wish to participate, you still can, but you will need to come to the Salle des Fetes a few days before so we can pre-record your performance. As compensation for not being there, we will give you a free high-quality recording of your performance.

If you wish to watch the show, your only option will be to watch it on YouTube.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

All our contact details are available on our contact page.