Meeting minutes 15/04/2024

Hey everyone, In this weeks meeting we talked about a lot of different topics. first up was our own meetings, since we have trips and exams coming up it will be difficult for us to have meeting where we all can be there, but i guess you don’t find that very interesting so instead ill talk about the second-hand sale that we had. in the meeting we talked about how we would set it up and if we would have some food there. We also talked about selling our merch there, which we did. so if you wanted to buy merch, I hope you were able too. Then we moved on to the S4-S5 party. It’s during the week when S6 students are leaving for their trips so we’ll have less staff, but no need to worry it will still be an awesome party. We also talked about what decorations to bring and what matches the theme. we are having a well-being week next week so we talked about that and what activities we’ll have for it, but you’ll hear more about it later in the week. We also talked about the management meeting our presidency had with the management which is basically where we try to forward all of our and your ideas to the management, for example confirming Lux factor. talking about lux factor, if you have a talent don’t be scared to sign up. we also talked about all our co reps meetings and what they’ll take up in them. thats all for this week, see ya