Meeting Minutes 28/09/2015

  • 6th and 7th year room After closing the room for a day, Thursday & Friday were much cleaner - looking good for future! REDACTED will ask for open bins instead of ones with lids. REDACTED idea of REDACTED in the room will be discussed next week. Rennovating the room - ask art teachers to talk to art classes to come up with design, they propose design to pupcom and we decide. We may paint walls white, must check with technician if OK. Can have own Pupcom corner.
  • Posters & Communication REDACTED
  • Leisure Committee REDACTED. 30 October is definite 16+. Looking into making REDACTED. REDACTED had idea of making a polaroid photo space, 2 euro per picture for example. For info: 367 pupils in 6th 7th year. Possible themes so far, maybe make poll once event is created and let people vote: Halloween & Neon/Paint (& Oktoberfest)…more to come. They have also contacted REDACTED. Cake sale not possible due to it not being for charity. Still looking for REDACTED for 4th and 5th years.
  • IT Marks is meeting with REDACTED for REDACTED. Probably 1 month until availability. Making demo for us to see, but no rush. Also working on REDACTED development.
  • CoSup Going this weekend, have fun!