Meeting Minutes 05/10/2015

  • IT: Marks has finished a first REDACTED version (REDACTED). Marks will talk to REDACTED this week to talk about implementing it to the school REDACTED. For any questions, Marks is your man.
  • CoSup: Reforming European School Systems // Suggestions The Following suggestions have been made at the last CoSup meeting (Note that none of this is final and/or decided, these are just proposals):
    • Combining MAT3 and MAT5 classes together, extra maths classes separately. Saves money, almost 100% teachers and students representatives against it. REDACTED.
    • 7 different streams for fixed subject “packages” instead of subject choices. REDACTED.
    • 5th year compos harmonised across all European Schools. REDACTED
    • Extra L2 class for the language from the country you are in. For LUX 1 & 2 it’s not applicable.
  • 16+ Leisure is meeting REDACTED from REDACTED tomorrow, Tuesday. They will create an event on Facebook for the party. Can we please have posters for the 16+ party soon? Halloween style theme, but not that as actual name.
  • Statute: Read through and sign ????

Stay healthy and have a good one ❤