Meeting Minutes 12/10/2015

  • REDACTED According to REDACTED, REDACTED is recovering well, should be out of hospital this/next week and back teaching after November holidays. The video project has begun and people are writing what they would like to say in a form posted below. This will be filmed and recorded sometime soon.
  • Meetings Ed & Ad Meetings for the Education and Administration take place this week and next week. If you have any suggestions, get them to the representatives in writing. These are Ana Rita and Francesca for Education and Elisa and Clément for Administration.
  • 16+ Things coming along well. Alcohol sorted out soon, tickets arriving also. Contest for best costume, three winners get free tix for upcoming 16+.
  • Further Small Things Marks is waiting for REDACTED. REDACTED asked for bins, but we can’t have the open ones. If you see a spare one…feel free to drag along and drop off in 6th/7th year room.

Best ❤ Secretary