Meeting Minutes 19/10/2015

  • Class Rep Meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, 11:10! Your presence welcome.
  • Conseil d’ed Ana Rita is going this Thursday. Suggestions? Let her know.
  • 6th & 7th year roomREDACTED
    • The room is again far too littered. When I went after the meeting it really was a whole new level of amount of litter on the tables, the couches, the floor and around the bins. The caretakers, counsellors and cleaning ladies are all fed up by the uncivilised way some of the students we represent behave, and we must act in consequence
    • A couch has been vandalised! Someone drew a little weed leaf on a green couch. Doing that is just so stupid and disrespectful.
    • And even if “we” didn’t decide to close the room, it would have been closed from p4 to p6 because just outside the room, there will be a ceremony for the two Dutch students that died in the terrible plane accident in Ukraine.
  • Couches Donations welcome. Josh will take care of coordinating the donations etc.
  • REDACTED Manager’s name is Bob (had to mention that). An event there would mean REDACTED?

Best ❤