Meeting Minutes 23/11/2015

  • Couch/Room The “no cleaning” for a bit was a great idea REDACTED because the outcome is excellent. Couches were brought this morning and are stored in a room in school. When ready, maybe this week/next week, depending on how things go, we can put them in.
  • Disco/16+ We really need the ambulance fixed before the end of the week for the disco, Leisure! Tickets have been ordered. For 16+, there’s another available venue besides REDACTED, REDACTED. Not yet confirmed, but Leisure is on it. We also have to decide on tickets, drinks, themes and such.
  • CoSup Hope it is not cancelled due to Brussels chaos. Keep us posted on what’s going on, girls.
  • LuxFactor Leisure should start thinking about this event and book the SDF before the christmas holidays. So far we’re looking at the REDACTED
  • Hoodies REDACTED will be leading the project. We need posters advertising the REDACTED, giving our students the time to do it over Christmas. Selling with signatures and REDACTED????
  • Class Rep Meeting Meeting next week. Quick poster?