Meeting Minutes 09/10/2017

Class rep meetings this week: Wednesday 11th for 1-3rd and Thursday 12th for 4-7th at 11:10 in B002.

Cake sale this Friday at break in B block - Liza will give it to Katarina before school.


We’ll probably alternate between meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays in the future.



  • 16+ meeting tomorrow.

  • LuxFactor - start working now because the school gets annoyed if we book it late.


  • We have 3,356 students in ESL 1, so maybe in the long term we could have a 3rd school.
  • CoSup awareness (sounds a bit like an STD) is important, we could show a video that was made to explain it at a future class rep meeting and next year to everyone. Marks, can you change it to be about our school?
  • When we need money, we could crowd fund for the PC.
  • New marking scheme will phase in next year.
  • Are religion/moral lessons in L2 a good idea? We talked about it but no conclusion was reached.
  • L3 might start in 3rd year of Primary, we decided it was a good idea.
  • ES newspaper.