Meeting Minutes 16/10/2017

Our Cake Sale was a success, we made REDACTED, but next time we need to have more cakes REDACTED. We can have them around once a month.

Our current budget is REDACTED€.

Starting the week after the week after the holidays, we’ll be alternating between having our meetings on Mondays and on Wednesdays.

For the Pupils’ Voice newspaper, we could sell it with tickets so that when you’ve bought like 3 different newspapers you get a reduction on a party ticket, we also want to have a page for our announcements for about REDACTED€.

The first 16+ has not been booked yet, it’ll be on the REDACTED with a Christmas theme, we also need to book a club for the REDACTED 16+.

The first 1-3rd year party will have a Scary Christmas theme (both Christmas and Halloween).


  • There’s a new criteria for all French Language Bacs
  • A possibility could be having an oral compo in future to have some practice.

We’ve received 13 hoodie designs, voting probably opens on the REDACTED, after the deadline.

We’ll need hoodie voting posters, with a QR code so you can just scan it in your phone (now on iPhones it’s integrated in the main camera, so that’s easier)

Posters should be in locker areas and around B block.

There’s a Conseil d’Education meeting this Thursday, we still don’t have an agenda but ask Mrs Putseys because we should have received an email to ask questions with (but we haven’t).

The red chairs breaking could be because the older years sit in the red area a day the chairs could break when they bend back.


Liza is donating a couch (Thanks!)

Having a microwave in the 6-7th year too much would be really smelly, but we can try. We’d need rules and instructions, we’ll ask at the Conseil Consultatif meeting.

A possible date for LuxFactor would be the REDACTED, because the ‘Europarty’ will be in REDACTED.

This Friday we have a meeting with the direction at 11:10 (be early), we have to bring up:

  • Who we are
  • Crowd funding for couches and maybe a coin jar somewhere in the school
  • Having a microwave in the 6-7th year room. Add more things to bring up at the meetings in the comments.