Meetings Minutes 23/10/2017

We’ve received REDACTED hoodie design and colour votes, we’ll keep the website open until Wednesday the 8th of November. We’re going to sell them for REDACTED€ each


Conseil d’Ed (shout out to Guoda for working while on a school trip):

  • We’re having fire alarm sometime this year, but this time the teachers won’t be warned.
  • We need to encourage our school’s Peer Learning program.
  • The Parents’ Association have resources, so they’re willing to fund our projects.
  • We need to make a list of requests for the Conseil Consultatif and also decide on the Plan Pluriannuel
  • Teachers wanted self evaluation program for years 1-7, be we think that just years 1-3 is enough. We need more details before we can have a full opinion.
  • 6th years can now take pick gym 4, we might want to have 2 period Physics and Chemistry, as alternatives to Biology. It would take forever to make this happen though.
  • There are complaints that we don’t see our form teachers enough, especially is years 6-7. REDACTED
  • There will be a Pisa contest for 15 year olds in 2018
  • Inspectors are coming, but students have told us that they should not be expected by the teachers. The teachers want 10 days notice.
  • Next year there will be new cycle coordinators
  • Mr Lufi is leaving at the end of this year

There was a meeting with the Pupils’ Voice on Saturday, we have time before the first edition, would cost us about REDACTED. By doing this we’re also supporting the projects of the pupils. Cosup can maybe pay for half a page for like REDACTED

We want an instagram account


We need posters for the 1-3rd year disco up before the holidays, but we need to fix a theme. REDACTED Prizes: REDACTED Backstage will be DJing for us. REDACTED

The condom dispensers don’t work and won’t work, but at least in the 6-7th year room we think they should.

We have new couches, we’ll bring them in sometime this week.

We should have pads and tampon dispensers in the girl’s bathrooms.