Meeting Minutes 06/11/2017


  • REDACTED votes so far, REDACTED is leading
  • We’ll start taking orders in a couple of weeks, we need to set up both a website and take them manually. We’ll take orders for about two weeks, then we need to order them in December.


  • We need to contact REDACTED or find another club that fits REDACTED people.
  • It will be in REDACTED on a Saturday.
  • We need to come up with names.

We can’t have LuxFactor on REDACTED because Haubold is away, but the REDACTED works.

1-3rd year party:

  • I’ll contact the school about the cleaning fees and coat racks and nurse.
  • Snacks and drinks: we’ll get them or maybe Lux 2 and we’ll pay them back (Markus has experience)
  • We have a meeting with the Merite de Jeunesse tomorrow, they’re supposed to do the decorations, cloakroom and its tickets and maybe to help us sell food.
  • To help, be there a bit before 7 (do we need badges, Marks?). The tickets have to be checked, the children need to be animated and tickets have to be sold at the door. The people that volunteered are: Katarina Liivo Sara Rubio Hermosa Kadri Riikoja William Shaw Eskil Valila Liza Dieschbourg Arnau Roca Guoda Bubnyte Alice Lucius And the leisure members We should dress up too!
  • Competition: We’ll take pics of people’s costumes (with their permission) and then decide. We’ll announce the winners at like 9. We need to check that Lux 2 is okay with the prizes.



Next week we have the meeting on Wednesday! Don’t forget.