Meeting Minutes 15/11/2017

Anton’s first meeting!!

The 6-7th will be closed until REDACTED due to the vandalism and littering.



  • We’re just going to do the orders in person, people find it easier to pay in cash.
  • We’ll announce the results of the voting today.
  • We need posters.


The Pupils’ Voice advert is in, but we’re going to have to change the chairs thing (Marks?)


  • It was lit but we need less chocolate and more chips.
  • The third years were dramatic, but that is to be expected.
  • We need some space outside, it got really hot indoors.
  • The glow sticks were greatREDACTED. In the past we’ve had ‘glow’ themed parties.
  • We sold REDACTED tickets We have about REDACTED. We still have to pay for the cleaning and backstage.

We’re having a cake sale next week on Tuesday! REDACTED The volunteers are Sara, Eskil, Silke, Liza, Helena, Alix, Guoda and Alice. If you weren’t there but want to volunteer, put it in the comments.



Not much happened at the Canteen meeting, but:

  • We need to make a poster telling people that they need to socialize more in the canteen.
  • The red chairs were just bad all along.
  • We can’t have any Capri Sun.
  • We use less plastic than before, but we still want to reduce the amount.

Conseil Consultatif:

  • We decided on the ‘plan pluriannuel’, we should send it in today.
  • We don’t want self evaluations in the higher years.
  • The objects in school are important (ex. couches, things to do in playground).
  • WiFi is also very important.