Meeting Minutes 20/11/2017

Couches: -REDACTED

  • Maybe we could have cameras pointing at the couch area. We have paid the canteen for the clean-up of the 1-3rd year disco, but we haven’t paid for the music yet.

Class rep meeting this week: 1-3rd years will be on Thursday and 4-7th years will be on Friday.


  • We’ll start selling them next week
  • We’ll give them receipts as well as having a list
  • They be sold in the mornings in D block and at break in B block
  • We’ll sell it pairs, Silke has it all organized -They’ll be 25€ per hoodie



  • We need a cheap venue for about REDACTED€. REDACTED was expensive before, but maybe REDACTED will be cheaper.
  • We need to be careful with our reputation with Luxembourgish clubs.
  • We’re definitely privatizing the club. We need posters for the class rep meetings and for the hoodie orders.