Meeting Minutes 29/11/2017

There was a Conseil Consultatif meeting yesterday, but none of the members that went could come today, so they’ll give us the info next week.

So far, we’ve sold REDACTED hoodies.

The Cake Sale we did last week made REDACTED€.

This meeting was so short because there was a “Europarty” meeting after the meeting and several members had to go to it. We need a venue by this Saturday, so that we can present it to CoSup.

2017’s last meeting will be on Monday, the 18th of December.


  • Our treasurers have to count all of our money on Friday for the CoSup meeting.
  • On the 24th of February there’ll be a CoSup meeting in our school! (But we can’t go)
  • 12 Star Night is another proposal we’ve received for the party name.

The school wants us to make stand to advertise healthy food and posters, so that we continue to get fruit from the government. We need to make posters to tell people to be more social in the canteen. The school also wants us to make a video or posters so that people know what to throw away in which bin.