Meeting Minutes 04/12/2017

Conseil Consultatif meeting on the 28th of November:

  • There’ll be a global inspection of the school in March, about security and safety in our school.
  • Some buses don’t come every day because nobody signed up for them, but the students need to know this.
  • The bus to the conservatoire is always late, they’re working on that.
  • Only one of the Conseil Representatives was here today, so we’ll have more information on our Facebook group this week.


  • We’ve sold REDACTED so far
  • Teachers can also buy them, and it’s simpler if they just pay with cash. After Wednesday we need meeting with Parents Association, I’ll book it with them.


Cosup meeting on Saturday:

  • They’re getting a new Spanish section in Frankfurt.
  • The new marking scale will be integrated into the general rules: the pass mark will be 5 except in the Bac.
  • There are new careers guidance rules so that specific things have to be discussed at specific years. An idea going around is a system on o365 for to contact teachers from other countries.
  • The recognition of our Bac in countries such as Spain and Denmark is an issue.
  • Lux 2 mentioned vandalism. Removing the doors to common rooms could be a solution, but closing the rooms is the only solution according to schools.
  • CoSup really really liked REDACTED as an option for the party, but we’re not losing anything by meeting with REDACTED.
  • There won’t be VIP tickets.
  • Textile bracelets are more secure than paper ones and they’ll be used instead.
  • We need to find a date this week so that we can book the clubs.
  • It’s a good idea to start thinking about getting a photobooth and food trucks and things already.
  • We need to figure our roughly how many people want to go. Compos start next week, so 5-6th years are excused from meetings.


LuxFactor will be on the REDACTED. We need to figure out where to put our table in B block because every week there’s new things going on.