Meeting Minutes 28/02/2018

For the 16th March 16+ at Tilt, we had a meeting today, we had to ask about the:

  • Tickets
  • Beer (they’re getting it?)
  • Decorations
  • Vestiaire (they can do it, but then we don’t get the money)
  • They let so many non-euroschool people in last time We need to figure out how much money we can spend, the tickets will be REDACTED€ before the party and REDACTED€ at the door

We need to make posters about socialising in the canteen, the beer bottle in the 6-7th year room and the 16+.

  • Prom: REDACTED

The Football Tournament REDACTED



  • Proposals are:

a) A language policy: REDACTED

b) Pre-bacs: REDACTED

You can check the group for details on the proposals.

  • Lux 2 brought up having exams on computers in tests with lots of writing, Cosup is looking into into it.
  • Inspectors could talk more to the pupils anonymously about the teachers.
  • The complaints system is not great.
  • Sexual education should include non-biological aspects, such as consent.
  • Accredited schools are getting their own version of Cosup.
  • Cosup has an instagram account.

  • Euronight: REDACTED
  • We could have someone in PC or Cosup who has experience for the Conseils de Discipline

    The Parent’s Association want us to advertise a talent show at the Fete de l’Ecole.