Meeting Minutes 05/03/2018

Prom will not happen. REDACTED

Katarina has a meeting with Mrs Putseys tomorrow (I’ll send her all our minutes of the class rep meetings).

The hoodies are on their way, we’ll wait until we have them all to have just one delivery.

We’ve signed the Euronight contract, now we have to make one for the students to sign. We need the posters as soon as possible for the Facebook event. Not everyone who wants to go will be in Luxembourg because of the 6th year trips. REDACTED

16+ Freebeer:

  • More leisure members should have gone to the meeting
  • The name is Paddy’s Freebeer
  • We have some decorations already
  • Each person gets a cup for the night, if they lose it they have to pay Tilt 1€
  • We have to advertise it as much as possible
  • We need photographers
  • Tilt is doing the vestiaire
  • We’ll start the sales next week by the 6-7th year room and explain the cup system to each student


  • We can’t make a decision on the roles today, we’ll have a poll for candidates on our group.
  • We need to announce it soon for the participants (Marks, can you set up the sign-up page?)
  • We need to get the posters up soon
  • The tickets will be like REDACTED
  • We’ll need to ask Haubold for the list of stuff we need to do
  • We need to come up with prizes
  • The roles will be chosen next week