Meeting minutes 19/10/2018

The cakesale went really well!


Elise and Mark went to the Education meeting, They talked about:

  • S6 trips, Morocco, It’s not in the EU but we think it has great potential and prefer to have the option. We will vote yes for Morocco

  • The school will reconsider the 5 minute break ban on phones in the next Education Meeting (January)

  • School psychologists should be made more approachable/ advertised more, we could hang posters for example

  • The new marking system:

    • F and FX are a fail, everything above is a pass
    • S1-3 currently have the new letter system, S6 will convert next year and S7 the year after

We are busy organising the 16+ party for the 16th of November and the S1-3 Disco for the 23rd of November:

16+ will be in Tilt, there will be 2 guards at the entrance and 2 bouncers inside Tilt, do not come already drunk, do not bring alcohol, you can buy it at the bar, the party will go on from 22:00 to 03:00, 200 tickets available for presale priced at 8€ a piece, 150 tickets available at box office priced at 10€ (+free shot), The party is mainly Lux1 and 2 students but other people can join in and you can rent a table if you want to. This will be a traffic light party! Rules: Everyone has to wear a colour, red for “I’m taken”, yellow for “it’s complicated”, green for “single”. The PC will have a private box.

70% of ticket sale revenues will go to the club, considering they provide the decorations, the DJ and cleanup, we think this is a good deal. The remaining 30% will be split equally between Lux 2 and Lux 1

For example, if we achieve max ticket sale revenue:

€1600 (presale) + €1500 (box off.) = €3100, of which €2170 would go to Tilt, and the remaining €930 split with lux 2 would be €430 we can bring back home.

The disco will take place in the canteen, we are still looking for a theme. 1000 glowsticks have been ordered totalling REDACTED.

We’ll pay Sodexo REDACTED to have the room cleaned post-disco. At €7 a ticket, maximum revenue would be REDACTED

Hoodie designs! Voting system is nearly ready and we will probably start on Monday. Posters will be hanged to make people aware.

Canteen meeting on the 22nd, Paula will go.

The Librarian has asked for a small meeting with the PC.

A full page advert for the PC in the Pupil’s Voice has been proposed. This would be at the discounted price of REDACTED. It would be published in December earliest.