Meeting minutes 08/10/2019

Our first meeting of the year!

Golden Rules:

  • Don’t talk PC projects outside the group
  • Share your ideas and don’t talk over each other
  • Be supportive!!

The meetings alternate every week from Tuesday to Thursday - Next week’s meeting is on Thursday

Turn on your slack notifications


We will try to organize more PC dinners

Any questions or problems? Talk to William

There’s a meeting with the Lux 2 PC on October 19th with:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Public relations
  • One treasurer
  • All leisure members


  • Keep all the receipts organized and all the money accounted for
  • There are 2 keys for the money box


  • Cosup decide this weekend where Euronight will be held
  • We’re trying for Luxembourg because it’s the closest and safest place
  • Could be in a club or in Atelier, we would have to check the prices


  • REDACTED our school is hosting FAMES this year!

16+ Parties:

  • we’ll try to organize one for the end of November
  • We could have it in Scott’s or a bigger club
  • The location has to be decided with Lux 2

1st-3rd Year Disco:

  • Theme: Traffic light but with glow paint
  • Things to get: decorations, snacks, wristbands
  • All proceeds go to ASF

4th-5th Year Events:

  • Can’t be held in school because the administration doesn’t trust the 5th years not to bring alcohol
  • Could be Doubletree by Hilton REDACTED
  • We will ask about the price of other hotels and caterers
  • Mamer wants a 1st-5th year party

Conseil d’Education:

  • Will be on the 22nd
  • We have to send an email with our topics before the meeting
  • They will discuss:
    • Printers that are available for the students & printer cards for the students
    • Geo and History 2 Prebacs
    • The phone rules

New Gym:

  • Under the spinning room in the gym
  • Students can’t enter without a Teacher’s permission/supervision
  • Ideas to improve safety:
    • Cameras in the gym
    • Sodexo card scanner at the door to keep track of names


  • The design competition starts soon
  • Deadline for competition: October 27th
  • The voting will open during the holidays
  • The posters are made and just need to be hung


  • Will take place this weekend
  • They will discuss:
    • Exchanging religion & moral for something more useful
    • The low level of L2 English Lessons
    • Euronight
  • Tell Séverin or Lia if you have any more ideas

An ex-4th year died on Saturday,

You can pay your respects in E010

There is a book to sign in memory of him which will be given to his family

We are putting up a letter to inform the students

We will ask that this topic be discussed for a few minutes in the form teachers’ classes and that the students don’t share rumors.