Meeting minutes 17/10/2019

PC Members! We will have our group picture taken next Thursday during the short break.

Our school has a big survey coming up which has been in the works for a long time.

We have a meeting with the PC of Mamer on Saturday (19th).

Leisure: 16+ party - REDACTED S1-S3 party - REDACTED

LuxFactor is scheduled - REDACTED

Major Points of last CoSup Meeting:


  • British teachers aren’t going anywhere yet.
  • Theatre may become a 2-period course for the younger years.
  • Conversion of Bac marks will be brought up.
  • Possible Chinese language course REDACTED
  • The option to have your host country’s official language as an L3 might become an option.
  • Make it obligatory to have the same teachers from S6 through S7.
  • A CoSup tax will be introduced, every PC will have to pay a different amount at every CoSup meeting based on their current balance. REDACTED
  • A newspaper for all of the European Schools might be introduced.
  • EEB-2 will have an eco-week in which the students go to school but instead of the usual lessons they will work on projects related to the environment - if this is a success other schools might follow.
  • Mental health is a big problem, multiple schools have come forward with stories about significant events related to mental health and drugs. Vareze is looking into implementing mandatory mental health checks-ups in addition to the physical check-ups.

Conseil Reps: There is an upcoming Conseil d’Education meeting these are some of topics our Conseil Reps will talk about:

  • The school should not harmonize the prebacs.
  • The new gym facilities should be open for use at all school hours.
  • We will ask our administration to start participating in the cross country (it’s healthy!) otherwise we would like to change the cross country run into an actual sports day like in primary.
  • The school should allow 5th years with C-permission to leave during hours before or after lunch.
  • S1-3 shouldn’t be forced to stay in C007
  • We will ask them about their opinion on gender mixed gym classes.