Meeting minutes 12/11/2019

1st-3rd year Disco: 

  • Will take place this Friday 15th 

  • The 7th year’s tickets from Frankfurt are ordered and are on the way is the post 

  • Decorations & money boxes to be brought from the PC room by Leisure 

  • Count all the items from Sodexo and the beginning and at the end again so we know how much to pay them 

  • Julia will make a schedule for everyone at the disco 

  • Merit Jeunesse people will check bags 

  • Zero tolerance for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs 

  • Energy drinks will be confiscated and given back at the end 

  • School isn’t happy about people leaving school early for the disco without a parent so leave with other people 





  • We have to pay €90 to the school for music rights  

  • 200 tickets have been sold 

  • Coins are needed for the disco but we have more than yesterday 


16+ Party: 

  • Will take place on November 30th 




  • Voting closes 12/11 at midnight 





PC dinner at Sev’s house on 06/12 

Someone has requested a new episode of PCTV. We will try to make that happen.