Meeting minutes 21/11/2019

Hoodies will continue to be sold into next week!


The Disco went great, props to all of you.

  • Mr. Haubold still has some complaints about the LED’s and he would like for us to use an alternative to cans for the drinks.
  • We had to pay 212€ in royalties for the music.
  • All in all we made around 3620€ profit for ASF!

There will be a Christmas market at school this weekend, PC members can help out there.

16+, Naughty (Slutty) Christmas:

  • On the 30th starting at 22.00
  • Leisure members should show up at 17.00 for preparations.
  • Melusina will be privatised for us.
  • They will also be providing for the security.
  • People attending will need their ID and school card to get in.
  • Please try to be on your best behaviour, we have a difficult history with Melusina.
  • Tickets cost 12€ unless you’re purchasing at the box office which will cost 15€.
    • PC members will need to work out shifts for working the box office.
  • First 200 people get a free shot.
  • Leisure members get coloured bracelets.

We are going to retake the PC photo since it turned out quite badly.