Meeting minutes 26/11/2019

Congratulations on selling 462 hoodies! REDACTED

Tomorrow, there will be a meeting with Mme. Putseys about vandalism in the school. They plan to create a program for students to prevent vandalism

The next meeting will be on Thursday as usual


1st-3rd Year Disco:

  • All the money has been counted

  • We will give the money to the Parent’s Association and they will transfer it to ASF.

  • The form for the €212 royalty payment will be filled in today.


16+ party:

  • The sales haven’t been great so far so we will be selling tickets in other schools like ISL for 15 euros. We will sell 50 in ISL from at least 1 seller.

  • Try to promote the party as much as possible on your social media.


  • Decorations: inflatable Santa and LED lights.

  • We have to ask the DJ to put some Christmas music in his set.

  • Shifts will be 30 minutes long. People will be at the box office, the free shots table, and watching the money box.

  • Don’t drink too much incase help is needed

  • Leisure members stay from 5 o’clock until the end of the party.

  • Dress very christmassy

  • The photographers are organized



  • The next cosup meeting is this weekend

  • They will discuss the moral subject and obligatory gender neutral bathrooms in all European schools


Conseil Consultatif:

  • The meeting is this week

  • They will discuss the lack of soap in the toilets and the push bins in the boy’s toilets



Some students had a complaint that the guards won’t let them move the tables in the canteen.

A student wants to make a petition to expand the national library’s opening hours.