Meeting minutes 05/12/2019

The school survey has been released! Everyone should check their school-email and participate in it since this is your chance to make changes.

We spoke to the librarian - she will conduct a small survey about the library. Any other complaints about the librarian can be directed to Elise.

Canteen Meeting:

  • Sodexo is aware of the long lines at Pasta Roma and are trying to solve it
  • Lines at the Food-Truck are a problem, as many people cut them. An extra surveillant may be placed there to solve the problem.
  • The Food truck might be here one more day, if Sodexo can (they use the Food truck in other places too)
  • The ice creams (Ben & Jerry’s) weren’t supposed to be smaller. Sodexo will check whether their supplier changed anything
  • Pizzas will be Margheritas from now on, as it’s the only one everybody likes

Conseil Consultatif:

  • The administration wants to start doing more projects related to drugs & addiction.
  • We spoke about the idea of introducing gender-neutral toilets.
  • Also told them that the overall hygienic conditions of the toilets are not great.
  • The administration is also supportive of the idea to add a terrace in front of the S6-S7 room, unfortunately it’s not really their call as the building isn’t theirs.

Parents are worried about students from secondary talking to and or giving stuff to maternel/primary children. Secondary students have apparently also been taking belongings from the changing rooms of the younger students while they’re swimming in the complex sportif.

Please keep the S6-S7 room clean, and for the love of god don’t make raclette in there anymore. Otherwise we’ll have to close it again.


We will probably have another class-rep meeting after the holidays.


  • An online newspaper for all of the European Schools is likely to be introduced.
  • We want moral as an optional subject, could be replaced with environmental subjects.
  • CoSup wants a Pupils’ Committee reform for more transparency
  • Mental health is still a widespread problem.
  • 2-period Physics could be introduced as a subject.
  • We want to organise a strike together with all of the European Schools.
  • Hoodie for all of the European Schools?
  • Next CoSup meeting on 8 Feb




We need to start selling PC water bottles again