Meeting minutes 10/02/2020

Climate Strike:

  • A strike will take place in all European schools on 14th Feb.
  • The strike will last the 20 min break, outside the cafeteria
  • Speakers will be outside for loud music
  • Heavy promotion on our social media and your own Instagram’s
  • Get all your friends/classes come


  • This Thursday, Feb. 13th
  • It starts at 7pm but be there at 6pm
  • We have more tickets to sell, so we will promote it more on the Instagram
  • Lux 2 has sold 226 tickets


  • Rose sale before school on Friday
  • They will be leftovers from the disco


  • Thursday is the last day of hoodie collection, 90 hoodies are left
  • The extra hoodies will be sold after Euronight


  • 70’s theme
  • The first 2 days of ticket sale will be just for the 7th years since we don’t have as many tickets
  • Wristbands have been payed for but the Parent’s association don’t have the receipt yet
  • The photobooth design will be made by Lux 2 for the outside and the photo pages
  • Some schools have been selling more tickets than they were allocated so they will have to unsell tickets
  • 900 tickets are to be sold this year instead of 1000

16+ Party:

  • 3rd of April
  • Advertising will start early
  • Lux 2 wants top 100 hits/ 2000’s throwback

Julia had a meeting with Soho:

  • The capacity in 500
  • We have to find our own DJ or a pro DJ has to be payed
  • Another option is our DJ until midnight, then their DJ after
  • Easter eggs with tokens inside will be hidden in the club and whoever finds one will get a free shot
  • People coming in from outside will be under 25



  • Posters for the food truck should be made


  • The hosts and judges need to write a script for the show
  • 30 groups want to be involved
  • Some people have backed out
  • Make sure to vote on slack for the contestants


  • Instead of a regular PCTV, we’ll film a behind the scenes for all the PC events for the rest of the year
  • A stabilizer should be bought before Luxfactor