Meeting minutes 27/02/2020


  • Luxfactor will take place this Friday in the Salle des Fêtes
  • Merit Jeunesse is selling drinks, snacks, and chocolate bars
  • Tickets will be sold at the door so treasurers, remember the money boxes
  • The treasurers and two helpers will sell tickets
  • Leave money boxes with the judges when the treasures are on stage
  • An email has to be sent to tell contestants to come after school for sound checks and reminding them to send in their backing tracks
  • Sound check is from 16:30-18:00
  • Judges should come at the latest 6 pm
  • Music should be chosen for in between the acts and the end of the show
  • Some PC have to come to check bags, sell tickets, and clean up afterwards
  • Scripts have to be written by the judges/hosts to explain the voting and the acts
  • Pizzas will be ordered for the judges


  • Mclub will start to sell VIP tickets
  • Mamer will send the designs over for the photo booth
  • We will print forms to hand out at the ticket sale to make it easier for people
  • The tickets were supposed to arrive, but they’re still in Poland
  • Use the euronight stickers for advertisement
  • The breakfast idea is going ahead
  • Mclub got mad last time because more people went down to their storeroom than were supposed to, so be respectful


School hoodies:

  • 48 hoodies that people haven’t collected are left
  • They will be sold after euronight
  • More hoodies have been ordered already


Library meeting:

To be discussed:

  • Older students should be allowed to print

FAMES meeting:

  • There are notes online from last year’s meeting

Hygiene and security meeting:
To be discussed:

  • The coronavirus, and the impacted learning of students after missing two weeks of school
  • Soap in toilets
  • The guards are doing great

Directors survey meeting:

  • The survey results are coming in and we will get to see the approval rating of the PC
  • If the students don’t feel we represent them, we will call a class rep meeting to ask what we can do