Meeting minutes 10/03/2020


  • A 4th accredited European school will be opened in Luxembourg
  • Fames is cancelled due to the coronavirus risk
  • The teachers are being trained in online teaching in case the school has to be closed


  • Euronight went quite well, despite the lower attendance

Photo booth

  • A student sent an email asking for their photobooth photos
  • We should search through photos in case someone lost theirs
  • Photobooth still has to be paid for and money has to be put in the account for it
  • The cost will be split between us and Mamer




Parent’s association:

  • The parent’s association were polled about the hygiene of the school
  • 18 bathrooms didn’t have soap in November
  • 4 bathrooms don’t have soap currently

Conseil d’education:

  • We want to change the cross-country run to a sports day, but to do that, we would need a group of people to take care of it
  • We will promote the second-hand book initiative


PC hoodies:

  • We have to vote on a logo, so send any designs to William
  • Miia made a logo already but we will vote on all of the designs at a later date


PC dinner:

  • we would like to have another one since we said at the beginning of the year that we’d like to have more PC dinners